Previously known as 'the bread-basket of Africa' due its fertile soils, Zimbabwe is an excellent choice for a safari destination, boasting activities for both wildlife enthusiasts as well as adrenalin seekers. Straddled by 2 major rivers, the legendary Zambezi River to the north and the "great, grey-green, greasy" Limpopo to the south. A land locked country boasting some of the most famous of African game reserves in Hwange National Park and Mana Pools to mention a few.

When To Go

Zimbabwe is a year round destination however we feel it is best visited during the cooler winter months from April to November in order to avoid the hotter summer months and the rain season associated with this time. The game viewing of Hwange is excellent in winter as the dry conditions allow the water points to become an oasis teaming with game and predators. The Mana Canoe Trail for the adventurous is only operated from May to November.

What To Do

Boasting some of the finest National Parks in Africa, along with some celebrated private game reserves and the 7th Natural Wonder of the World in Victoria Falls, your options are endless. White water rafting, bungee jumping and some of Africa's best Tiger fishing, combined with excellent game viewing, your palate for fun and adventure will be filled by Zimbabwe.