Situated on a plateau over 9000 feet above sea level, Zambia is a vast, friendly, land locked country brimming with wildlife. A visit to Zambia will leave you with a sense of the Africa of old. 

Boasting 3 major rivers: the Zambezi, the Kafue and the Luangwa Rivers, each of which supporting an array of different habitats and diversity. From endemic subspecies of Giraffe to the highly sought after African Shoebill, Zambia is a destination rivaled by few in Africa.

When To Go

The best game viewing is from August to October where dry conditions concentrate game around the rivers and waterholes. Other popular times to go are over the winter period of May to August allowing cooler day-time temperatures – always a good thing when one is on foot on a walking safari. The wet season from November to April and the ensuing rains make many roads impassable and thus many camps and parks close during this time.

What To Do

A walking safari has to be high on the list of 'to dos' in Zambia, with some of the best pedestrian based game viewing Africa has to offer. "Unspoilt, untouched and unmatched" are words often used to describe Zambia's protected areas.

With so many additional adrenaline activities available at Victoria Falls, along with scenic helicopter flights, sunset cruises down the Zambezi and some of the finest Tiger fishing in Africa, Zambia will not disappoint.

For those pursuing the allure of a fine tiger on fly, Lederle Safaris can put a tailor-made fishing itinerary together with excellent guides in the best fishing areas. In keeping with our strict conservation ethic, Lederle Safaris supports a catch and release policy.