Uganda is an undiscovered and remarkable safari destination. Set in the "Mountains of the Moon" or Rwenzori Mountains, it not only offers excellent game viewing from predators to plains game, but also the full array of primates – the most to be found in any country in Africa. This includes the highly endangered Mountain Gorilla as well as excellent Chimpanzee sightings. Apart from the impressive mammalian species count, it boasts one of the greatest bird species lists in Africa.

It's unique location, with the vast rain forests of the Congo to the west and the expansive savannah of East Africa to the east, provides for a great myriad and diversity of nature challenged by few countries in Africa. It also boasts the source of the world's longest river, the Nile.

When to Go

Uganda is a year round destination. Rains usually fall between March and May and again in October and November. The lowland areas of the country, as well as the lakeshores enjoy a warmer climate and temperatures begin to fall when one climbs in altitude into the highlands.

What To Do

From trekking after the greatest variety of primates in Africa – Mountain Gorillas included – game drives in Uganda's unique game reserves, to boat cruises down the Kazinga Channel, Uganda has a host of activities to suit everyone's needs. Hiking provides an insight into some unspoilt areas and offers some breathtaking views up in the highlands.

For Gorilla trekking clients need to be fairly fit and in good health and 15 years or older.